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Powered by your own business data

We collect, clean, convert your business data into an AI and chat bot friendly format.So you can automate tasks like customer support, new hire onboarding, internal knowledge base search. And much more.

AI deployed on your own infrastructure

We evaluate and deploy open source LLMs on your own infrastructure. Ensuring your enterprise has total control of your data.We can use OpenAI or other closed source LLMs too, for small businesses and personal projects.

End-to-end development

Building a chatbot is a multi-disciplinary effort. Front-end, back-end, vector databases, relational databases, embeddings. The list goes on.Our talented engineers are capable of handling multiple technologies at one time. Delivering your results faster and cheaper.

Other services we provide

AI Training & Support

Want your team to learn about AI? We translate tough concepts easily

Text Data Cleaning

Summarize lengthy text, extract entities, convert formats. Easily with AI.

ML Modeling & Analysis

Train, build, and deploy traditional ML models that help predict & optimize KPIs

Text Data Analytics

Categorize open ended text or tag it with keywords. Gen AI makes it 80% faster

AI Strategy Roadmap

Need help convincing your organization to invest in AI? Let us build a stellar strategy

Skilled ML Engineers

Augment your data or AI team with any one of our top-tier ML engineers

Why us?


We only hire the best & brightest (top 10% of their class) analysts, engineers, & managersso you can relax knowing that only the best people are working on your project


We offer every AI service, from AI strategy, to actually implementing that strategy by building AI applicationsso you can be confident that all your AI hopes and dreams will be realized


We believe in over-communication. We disclose every trade-off, roadblock, milestone, right awayso you are never left in the dark on what is going on in your project

We will be your long term AI partner

Our commitment to you continues even after the project ends. We provide cost-effective long-term support options. So you have 1 less thing to worry about.

Leadership team

Adhaar Sharma

CEO & Co-founder

Adhaar started Woyera to help deliver big company results with a small business feel. His previous experiences at Accenture & other top firms ensure Woyera delivers luxury work with mom-and-pop service.He holds an MS in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers.

Elizabeth Kim

COO & Co-founder

Elizabeth began her career with Deloitte before leading Business Development at Activision Blizzard. No matter the industry, nothing makes Elizabeth happier than seeing her clients accomplish their goals.She holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers.

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