We build custom, secure, private APIs for Generative AI

For the Enterprise of the future

We can use any Open Source LLMs. You pick.

There are dozens of pre-trained open source LLMs, cutting down on training time and cost. We will help you choose the best ones for your need.

Host LLMs on your preferred infrastructure

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. We can host the LLM on any of these super quickly. Or we can work with you to host it on your own private servers.

Use your brand spanking new LLM with an API

We build an API layer on top of the LLM so it can be easily accessed. Letting you build the AI applications of your dreams with superb ease and flexibility.

Why have a custom built LLM API?


We know how seriously you take your Data Security as an enterprise. By using a custom LLM API, you eliminate all the security risk.


A custom LLM API for your organization lets you be flexible and creative with the applications you build using it. Preventing vendor lock in.


Your data never leaves your infrastructure. Putting yours and your users' mind at ease. Say goodbye to sharing data with 3rd party AI vendors.

What can Generative AI automate?

Customer Support

Increase your revenue by increasing customer satisfaction and retention

Document Generation

Bring in more business by focusing on things that actually matter

Text Data Analytics

Analyze, summarize, categorize all your text data in hours, not days

Document Search

Minimize the time it takes for onboarding and knowledge transfer to minutes

Content Creation

Free up time for your marketers, so they can focus on bringing new customers

Administrative Support

Cut down on the time your admin staffs spends transcribing meeting notes

We build quickly, precisely, transparently

Our experience building LLM APIs lets us build quickly
Our extensive testing process lets us build precisely
Our commitment to client satisfaction means we do everything transparently

What are you waiting for?

Take the first step to future-proofing your Enterprise

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